All about Storing Files the Perfect Way

There is no doubt over the fact that there is a great demand for storage software that provides for the best and latest solutions as far as organized storage is concerned. There is a lot of software available for storing files and data out there but not all of them turn out to be reliable, simple and effective. It is absolutely necessary on one’s part to choose the perfect kind of platform or software that is able to manage all of the storage needs at one go.

ArchiverFS from MLtek has garnered widespread attention in the technological space as it is known to come with some of the best and fantastic range of features and facilities at a cost effective rate. The cost is low and yet the service is exceptional and hence it is in great demand. It performs all the essential functions of a top range storing system and does that for a fraction of the cost.

Best software

ArchiverFS is the best software in the storage of files and data as it provides for hierarchical storage system that makes it quite easy for one to access the file they need anytime they want. The software has carved a niche for itself in the storage space for the past several years and is known to overtake its competitors with its exceptional range of features and facilities offered to the users for the best rate possible. ArchiverFS has the capacity to stand out from the rest as it acts as the perfect combination of the all the expected features at one go which is quite hard to see anywhere else.

Extensive range of features

The most attractive aspect about the software is that it provides for extensive range of features for all kinds of businesses, be it small, medium or that of large sized businesses. There are no hard or fast rules as far as storage is concerned, however, it is necessary to store the most important and less important files separately making it easy to access as per one’s convenience. It facilitates transfer of files from one UNC path to any other UNC path and makes it possible to store in extra SAN and NAS space. It provides for the migration of old files from one place to another place easily and also enables one to leave behind stubs so that it is possible to access the files when required. The stubs would look original and would take you to the original files.

Hierarchical storage facility

The software facilitates one to store files in hierarchy and thus, it becomes a lot easier at the time of emergency. It provides for three tier storage facility – Live, Archived, and Graveyard. You can store the most important files in the first tier and make use of the second tier to store less important files. It would definitely free up huge amount of space in your expensive first tier storage area and hence comes across as a cost effective option.

At times of emergency, you can first start with retrieving the files in the first tier space as they are all highly important ones and then move onto the next. If the files are not categorized then it becomes absolutely difficult to get what you want at the times of immediate need. The technology is definitely a huge boon for one and all who want to make the best out of sorting and organizing files and data the easy way.

Direct access to the files

Though the software comes with plenty of interesting features, the ability to access files directly from where you are is the best amongst all. All that you need to do is to click on the link and the IO would be directed from your workstation in just few minutes. There is no need to wait long to get access to the files as there are no third parties involved. The information as to where these files are and where they are migrated are also provided so that you can get to know about them whenever you wanted.

In case of a disaster, there is no need to fret or worry about getting your most important files as it is in hierarchy which makes it easier to retrieve. There is no need to install any agent or that of client component which makes the recovery process much simpler, easier and faster as you do not get to waste time. The less data you store on the first tier space, the better it turns out to be.

Regulatory compliance

It needs to be understood that different country comes up with different kind of data recovery facility and it is necessary for one to understand the specific compliance method and model in order to follow it. MLtek helps you decide how long you want a specific file to be saved before it is disposed.

The software also helps a great deal in cutting down back up costs as the old data doesn’t change much and each time you run back up, even the static files get backed. As the unused and old files are moved into a second line of storage, there is no necessity to go for backing up the old files each time making it a lot easier and convenient for one and all. It helps save a great deal of time that is otherwise spent on older and insignificant files.   

Cost effective storage solution

The ArchiverFS provides for a cost effective storage solution that perfectly categorizes files into first, second and third tier storage so that the files do not get mixed up and you gain access to whichever file you want in just less than a minute. It is an absolutely interesting, reliable, simple and easy system to store whatever files you have in a perfect category without having to stress much. You can now free up the expensive first tier storage space from unnecessary, less important and old files and save it in the second tier storage area. Check this to know more.