Cheep Provides You with Qualified Professionals for All Home Services You Need

There really is a lot of home service that goes into making a house into a home. From ensuring the furniture, plumbing and others are in their working condition to cooking to gardening to taking care of everyone in the home. It is but natural to feel overwhelmed when you have so many tasks
waiting for your attention. There is a better way to handle all these. Simply download the cheep app from the Google playstore or Apple Store depending on the device you have.

What is Cheep?

Immediately you download the app, you will be impressed by its simple yet useful design. You will not have any issue getting access to the service you want. Cheep is an application that bridges the gap between consumers and home service providers. You will find carpenters, tutors, cooks, babysitters, electricians, fitness trainers, massagers and many more. With this app house chores are easily taken care of by qualified professionals at an affordable fee.


  • Skilled and professional service providers
  • Directly talk to a professional before hiring
  • Easy payment via net banking or mobile wallet
  • Insurance of the work done and after-service care
  • Option to request refund for poorly done work
  • Emergency alert button
  • Get access to home service all day and all night long

How does the app work?

To get started, launch the app ad select the type of home service you want. You will then need to provide details about the job such as how you would like it done, the location, the date and time. Cheep will look into its database of skilled workers and return profiles that suit what you are looking for. Look at each professional, how much they charge and ratings from their previous jobs on Cheep. This way you get to choose the best option. When you choose a professional, contact them via phone call or chat. Negotiate the price and confirm the hire. Sit back and wait as the job is done to perfection at the appointed time.

Why choose Cheep?

There are other apps that promise the same services but none is better than Cheep. With this app you will not only get all the repair work and house chores done but you do so with a peace of mind. Payments can be made securely and your security is guaranteed. When a Cheep worker is working on your property, you can rest easy knowing you have somewhere to turn to in case anything goes wrong. All you need to do is press the emergency alert button and help will get to you within a short while. The work done is insured so any damages (accidental or intentional) will be paid for in full. Why look elsewhere when you can have so much more at Cheep?