Lets Enjoy Free Audio and Video Calls Anywhere in the World

Voico is an amazing android application that enables you to make free video and audio calls. It helps you keep in touch with anyone around the whole world for free. Apart from calling, the application also gives you an ability to message anybody no matter the language they are using. It has the ability to translate languages exceeding 100 and this enables you to chat with basically anybody from any corner of the earth.

This app that requires no sim card comes with so many features that make it easy for you to communicate with people around the world. The features are as follows.

  1. High quality calls

Voico helps you to make High Definition video and audio calls that are live. The free/cheap calls can be made to the more than 200 countries that are within Voico’s service.

  1. Free credits

Voico enables you to earn credits watching ads and doing many other things. Your continuous support of the app gives you a chance to make more free calls. Apart from being able to earn credits watching ads, there are various other things that you can do to earn the free credits. Those things are ;

  • Answering easy tests
  • Installing featured apps
  • Finishing various app events
  • Leveling up in game apps
  1. Sharing messages

The application features a way of sending and receiving locations, photo messages, text messages and voice/video messages. It helps you to share your messages for free and in real time.

  1. Sharing documents

Sharing documents remains easy with the app. Among the document format it supports include doc, pdf, xls, etc.

  1. Call activities

There are many call activities that you can do with Voico. Those things include call waiting, call transfer and call blocking. It also enables you to push notification on voicemails, missed calls and messages.

  1. Merging contacts

Contacts transfer is a boring activity that can sometimes get hectic. Voico has an in built feature that helps you avoid all that hassle. With it, you can easily merge your personal phonebook with all the other contacts to an easily accessible directory.

  1. Free voicemail

Voico enables people to record clear voicemails without limits. The free voicemails can be delivered to user email for easier access, review and intact storage.

  1. Group chats

Group chat is an amazing way of interacting. Voico also gives you the ability to chat with all your friends or relatives without hesitation. With it, you can easily chat as a group and exchange ideas and enlightenments.


Voico is a great product that helps you easily communicate with people for free. You can easily register using your email or cellphone number and instantly do away with the sim card. From there, you can make calls with a virtual number and enjoy anonymity. It is a nice application that helps you to make free video and audio calls.

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