AV Training with Crestron: A Guide to Succeed

This era of technology is very competitive. Your knowledge doesn’t alone matter if you don’t meet the standards. AV technicians also come under the same rule. If you want a job somewhere, you do have to prove that you have certificates which shows that you had official training somewhere under some good technical institutes, only then you can be even thought of being selected. This is the reason that you should opt for training with Crestron.

For decades Crestron, an AV tech company, is around. A certification from Crestron of automated solutions for integration of AV and displays of cutting-edge is highly in demand. People with Crestron certification are considered to be a technological expert in automating and display of cutting-edge and is considered as the latest technology in the AV industry. That is the reason that a certified Crestron programmer is paid around $50,000 or above.


There are two certified online courses of Crestron courses to start with Crestron. Visit Crestron’s website and then register yourself, which will require some common information like e-mail, contact information, etc.

After having your account, your training begins with “Crestron 101” and “Toolbox.” Both courses focus on fundamentals of Crestron Programming. Through these courses, you will be able to know Crestron technology and programming language, as well as you will get to know how Crestron differs from other AV technologies.

Expert Training

For fullcertification, you will need to attend a total of five courses in any CTI. You can find CTIs all across the globe. Intermediate, advance Crestron programming and knowledge of smart graphics are explored in those stages. Crestron exports, who are working in different industries and are up-to-date with Crestron technology will be taking your classes at CTIs.

Crestron Certification

If you have attended the courses and have studied seriously, this leg of Crestron certification will be a like a review for you which will ask about every element of the Crestron technology you learnt in your course. Once, passed, you are a Crestron certified programmer.