Basic concepts of computer game World of Warcraft

One of the most interesting and exciting computer games for many players is World of Warcraft, the fourth one from the entire series of Warcraft. It plays a number of players, which can be compared with the population of a small European country.

The main factors attracting to this game:

  • A huge world, the study of which will take a long time.
  • A fascinating storyline with unpredictable turns and traps.
  • The game is based on the bloody confrontation between two unions that are at war with each other.
  • A fascinating world of adventure, in which you will find yourself, without leaving home.

But at the very beginning of the game your character will be limited in weapons or mounts. To make the game even more fun, you just need to buy on the site wow boost, a boost that will help to reach a very high level in the game.

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The starting version of the game allows you to play for free, but has certain limitations.

  1. There is no possibility to have more than ten gold coins and to rise above the twentieth level.
  2. Participant cannot participate in battles between pets.
  3. Limited access to the general chat channel, you cannot use voice chat (only some channels are available).
  4. You cannot start communicating with the characters of the full accounts. You have to wait until they bring you to their friends list or the first to start communication.
  5. You cannot trade or participate in the auction by mail or between players. And also there is no possibility to create guilds or join them.
  6. Paid services of character transfer, change of faction, others are not available.
  7. It is impossible to join the group with other characters

But despite all these factors, the game of World of Warcraft is very exciting. It allows the player to control the chosen character, fight monsters, participate in duels with other players and get “honor points”. Successful completion of tasks is paid for by the game currency.

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