Develop your Instagram account to maximize its followers

Instagram is currently very popular, not just as a photo-sharing platform but even among business companies and freelancers in order to promote their services or brand. To make the most out of this social media platform, you have to grow and develop your Instagram account. There are many effective account development approaches that you can choose.

Post high-quality content

As Instagram is a photo sharing platform the first piece of advice would be to only post high-quality content.  If you are not sure about the quality of a photo then don’t post it. Photo editing application apps can be used to help make your photos stand out. Having relevant photos of your business that are engaging and visually attractive will encourage other users to like and follow your account.

Always add a caption

Include captions when you post content. Ideally, the captions would contain a question as this will encourage your followers to answer it thus engaging with your account and making it appear more popular.

Hashtags are hugely important on Instagram as they

People will search for hashtags, so if your post has a hashtag that they are looking for people will be able to find your content and account. This is important in helping to increase your posts views. You can use already popular hashtags or create your own, just make sure they are content relevant to your account.

Are you posting at the right time of day?

Every Instagram account has its own unique target demographic audience, even in different time zones. Therefore it is important to find out what your individual accounts best time to post on Instagram is. After you find the best time to post you can schedule post. By scheduling posts, you do not have to worry about posing in your free time. You can use an Instagram bot to schedule posts effectively.

Engage and interact or your account could fall behind

As with all social media accounts, engagement with your audience is critical if you are to develop your account. An account can actually stagnate and decrease in followers due to lack of engagement.

How to engage to increase more followers

Many strategies use the ‘follow, like, comment’ approach to gain more followers. The first step would be to follow accounts that are similar to yours or that may follow other accounts relevant you yours. Then you can like their content and comment on their posts. The idea is that they would comment back, check out your account and follow you back. This method is effective, however, it is very time consuming and there is no guarantee that targeted users will follow you back.

Use an automated service

An Instagram bot can implement the same ‘follow, like, comment’ approach on autopilot. This automated service is a more time-efficient approach that will allow you to engage with followers without spending all your time doing it yourself.

As you can see there are many effective strategies that can be used in order to develop your account. It is recommended that you use more than one together for maximum results.