iPhone and Android synchronization with Mac using Google’s Cloud or SyncMate

The iPhone users know that they can easily sync their files with their Mac computer. However, nowadays, you may also do so with your Android mobile. Lots of users have Android mobile and Mac PC, and they have the option of doing the synchronization successfully. In most cases, they try to use Google for syncing the data in the background. They may install SyncMate, Android File Transfer alternative on their device.

While you have not installed the app, Cloud service of Google serves as the good option. The calendar, mail and contact data is already related to Google, and you have to sync them to the Mac computer.

Use Mail and create Gmail

While you are using your browser for accessing Gmail, you have no concern on Mail. It becomes very easy for you to accomplish the synchronization process with your Gmail.

Open the preferences from Mail and then hit Accounts option. You can find a Plus symbol at the base. Mail is able to recognize the settings automatically.

Address Book and Contact synchronization

From Address Book, you can find preferences and follow the above steps. You will get the option for Google synchronization. You only have to click on the small box, which is adjacent to this option. On the menu bar of Mac computer, there is an icon, which works as a synchronization indicator. By hitting that icon, you will get sync now option.

iCal and Google Calendar syncing

For the first steps, you have to consider the above instructions. You need to set Automatic Account and enter the login details of Gmail. After clicking on the option Create, your iCal can get synchronized with Google Calendar. While there are alerts and reminders in Calendar, you may turn them off from the preferences menu.

Now, while you do not like to use Cloud service of Google, you may install Android File Transfer alternative, SyncMate. SyncMate is intended to be used not only for iOS platforms for Android devices. You can use the free version to know about its standard features. With this software, you may get various options, like video and iTunes, iPhone, folders and Firefox synchronization. Thus, by installing one app, you will get a chance of synching data of different types. In addition to it, the app helps with the encryption of data to ensure the safety of your files.