Know Why Business Card Is So Popular In Business

To design business cards, they can carry one or more aspects of visual design to convey a message, leave an impression or simply to please the eye. In a nutshell make a professional card. There are theories that suggest that a simple combination of colour or design can influence the purchase decision of people.

Business cards usually have to carry the relevant contact data, i.e. make personalized cards: Name of the person, Name of the company they represent, Company logo, Contact information such as address, telephone numbers, e-mail and internet site, if there is one. In fact there are some pages on the internet where you can find templates business cards.

What are the characteristics of business cards?

These are the most important features to make modern business cards at

– When making business cards they can be printed in 1, 2 or 3 colours selection, that is, in full colour. Like the business cards that have printed photos.

– The design of cards can be vertical or horizontal

– The printing of business cards can be done on one or both sides. The latter is not very common. Since people usually only see the front of personal card models.

– You can create business cards printed on different substrates or different types of paper such as glossy, matt, smooth or engraved and using any of the following methods.

How to make business cards (Printing Techniques)

Make work cards with Typographical Printing

This printing method at was previously used to make cheap business cards . It is one of the oldest, but it is still used in many printing presses in Latin America, but in fact it is already difficult to make with this printing system. It is based on types or metal letters that are formed in such a way that they create a card. This base serves as a template or as a kind of templates for business cards, which is mounted on a typographic machine and printed one by one. Its finish is coarse, with little definition. Generally with this type of printing it is made in a single colour. However, they are an option that is less used every day. It’s like making a business card on an inkjet printer.

 How to make business cards with offset printing

Another of the printing techniques for making business cards is offset. It is used for large runs, more than a thousand. They can be printed in one colour or several colours; they can be printed on the front and on the back. In the presentation cards at you can print photographs with excellent quality. The printers have focused a lot on the format of business cards with offset. It is common to see a price war.

How to make a presentation card in Steel Engraving

This printing technique makes your original business cards look great. It involves using a machine called a steering wheel. You have to send a steel plate, which will be engraved with acids, according to the model of cards for printing. This plate will serve as a mole. With which the paper of the presentation card will be recorded. This type of printing is considered to make elegant business cards at  , that is fine stationery. It is a craft that requires specialized people. It can be printed in various colours, but not in full colour or photographs.

This type of enhancement is sometimes done without ink, depending on the design of personal cards , leaving only the highlight of the letters or logo on the business card . Nowadays, this technique can sometimes be done with hardened polymers instead of steel plates. However, this is only done in prints that do not require high quality and will depend on the card models.