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Being a bright student who answers all the questions in the class and in the exam is one thing and getting the home work done on time is different thing. Good students understand the subject and ensure they complete the work on time always. It provides an extra support to think progressively and make them write independently. However writing a home work shows the way of how well you have understood the subject and tells what you think about it.

Every person has their own rules in writing a home work but following are some important parts that are very common. An introduction to the home work provides basic information about the question and the sense of how the work will be.. A strong introductory sentence can grab the teacher’s attention. The reason for choosing the book and the kind of story involved should also be stated. Under the body section the main parts of the home work like motto of the question, how to solve the issue logically and the steps to solve can be fitted in. But before writing the body section make sure to jot down few points like the type of the problem and writing style, tone of the question and identifying the important steps to the solve the problem.

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