The Benefits of SIM Only Phone Contracts

If you are in love with your current phone, you can keep it and go for a SIM only contract. When it reaches a point of choosing a mobile phone deal, many people opt for a 24-month contract deal that comes with a new smartphone. However, for some, a more flexible and a shorter contract is preferred, and a cheaper monthly tariff is more desirable than getting hold of the latest smartphone. In such instances, a SIM only deal appears as the most appropriate choice. Going by the name, a SIM only deal means you are merely purchasing a SIM card and a selected network tariff, not a new mobile phone. You may not be aware, but many benefits come with SIM only deals, making them a fantastic choice. Here are some of the benefits that you should know.

  1. SIM Only Deals Are Cheaper
    Going for a SIM only deal means you are paying for just the SIM card and associated tariff. There are no mobile phones included so there will be no extra costs to factor into your bills. The same amount of minutes and data will cost far less on a SIM only contract, due to not having to pay for the monthly cost for the smartphone. But remember you will need to own a mobile phone for the new SIM card to be used.
  2. SIM Only Deals Are Convenient
    Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) deals are flexible and very affordable. However, they need you to top-up your mobile phone when you want to use it, which sometimes can be a bit inconvenient. When you have a SIM only deal, all your data, texts and minutes are readily available when you need to use them. Also, with this plan, you tend to get more value for your money.
  3. SIM Only Deals Retain Your Existing Number
    Migrating to a SIM only plan does not mean you should change your current phone number. To retain your existing number, just contact your current network providers to get a Port Authorisation Code (PAC). After getting your new SIM card, call your new network provider and give them your temporary number that came with the new SIM, your existing number, and your Port Authorisation Code. Leave them to sort out the rest.
  4. SIM Only Deals Still Get Network Perks
    SIM only plans shower you with amazing network benefits, same like ordinary contract mobile plans. There are plenty of network benefits that you will enjoy, for instance enhanced 4G speeds on selected tariffs if you are an EE customer.
  5. SIM Only Deals Are Flexible
    When you go for a SIM only deal, you won’t have to obligate to a 24-month agreement. Here you will be able to change your tariff more regularly, fitting it to your needs, rather than getting caught unaware each month with bills, or realising that you have too many minutes and data left over.