The Entrance Fee of Mount Bromo

The entry fee of mount Bromo is different dependent on the place you enter in. The significant entry point is memory Lawang. The village of Ngadisari becomes the marks for entrance the federal park in Bromo.

Ahead of park entering if you push your car, you will be directed into the parking lot in the bottom of the mountain. Upon departing out of your vehicle, unless you utilize the prearranged tour, then you will find a person who will approach you to offer a ticket to get Jeep ride to take you to Bromo crater and see the sunrise. The entrance fee of mount Bromo differs for the domestic and overseas tourist. For the local tourist, the entry fee cost IDR 27,500 a weekday, and at the weekend it grows to IDR 32,500. Due to the access and route that far and need transportation, there’s transportation rental that accessible Mount Bromo. You can choose to rent a motorcycle, jeep or car, bike, and horse. For renting cars, it cost about IDR 10,000, motorcycle costs for about IDR 5000, bicycle IDR 2,000 and horse leasing IDR 10,000.

Because it is stated earlier in parking area, you will be approached by a person that offers you a ticket. Be cautious since they generally hike the purchase price and get the ticket which you can purchase straight from the office. They will offer you a more reasonable price. As an alternative, you can walk or choose a motorcycle taxi. That offers you a more negotiable price. Be aware when your tour service or resort make an effort to accumulate the park entrance fee at pick up time. The operators are asking for the fee payment before you board your jeep, and this can give you conventional fee paid receipt. The reception is not the entrance ticket. It will go unchecked at entrance Gate Park as most park employees will cut on the scheme for not assessing ticket for specific vehicles. If you don’t agree to the practice, refuse to pay and ask to stop at the park gate and purchase your ticket. The official entry ticket of Mount Bromo is pink printed paper, and it has sequence numbered.

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