The importance of SEO

The SEO or the search engine optimization is a part of search engine marketing which helps you to construct your web pages. It also helps you to implement certain techniques which help your ad to get placed higher on the search engine list. There are two types of SEO. There is the off page SEO and the on page SEO.

On page SEO and its features

The on page search engine optimization or the SEO for on-page is the process that refers to all the activities that one can perform on the website that will help them to get a higher rank. This may include page titles, Meta tags, internal linking and descriptions.

Page titles

The most important SEO factors on your site are the page titles. This page titles should be unique and each and every posts should include the main keywords of the page. This is because whenever a person searches for the related topic of your page he or she will type those keywords which gives a better chance of your page to get featured at a high rank and also frequently on the search result list.

Meta description

Metal descriptions are a very important part as it is used to include crucial keywords for the page content and this will help the page to get a higher rank on the search list. But many people forget to add a Meta description to their pages. Meta descriptions would be short but at the same time contain the important keywords.

Metal tags

By the process of Meta tag one can include a set of keywords in their pages. This set of keywords should be relevant to the content of the page.

The structure of the URL

It is highly suggest including rules that are search engine friendly to the page so that it gets a better chance to get featured in the search list. Sometimes if the URL is shorter then it is better for the performance of the search engine but it should be kept in mind that the URL should contain all the targeted keywords. Also the locations of these keywords are also very crucial as it can have a big influence.

Some other factors include:-

  • Body Tags – Braking up your content into smaller paragraphs helps the page to get more views.
  • Keyword density- It is very important that your content have all the necessary keywords.
  • Image SEO – Using images can be very interesting.
  • Internal linking –This is another great way to establish successful on page SEO.

Why do we use SEO?

The search engine optimization is the means by which the website of a certain person appears in the search result list of various search engines like Google. The SEO is a very important and it is important to achieve a successful digital marketing. SEO might become the solution that causes tons of website traffic and the reason why many get lost amidst of the million other websites on the internet.  Also the content visibility depends on this search engine optimization. Contents could not be displayed without the help of SEO which might cause huge loss to the company as considering high quality content requires hours to make.