What Is The Reason Behind The Success Of GTA V Games?

It took by wind the whole market after it was launched. People still ask, “…GTA V is still selling”, and the same person ask another person, “Well, don’t you have a copy of GTA V?”

Indeed if you haven’t got GTA V, some gamers wouldn’t accept you as a gamer these days. GTA V is at the top of the list in 2017 too. Many other games were released at the same time when GTA V was released, some of those games were successful, some weren’t successful, but GTA 5 captured the market and became top of the chart and today too it is leading the chart.

How do other games sell in the market?

Games, when get released in the market at first its curve, go upwards and then the curve comes down sharply and then has a small rise, and then it becomes steady for some time, and then it goes off from the commercial market. If you want GTV V, you can go to GTA V torrent and get the game.

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How is GTA V getting sold in the market?

In GTA V’s case, things happened differently. GTA V had not one but three releases. In 2013, it was launched for PS3 and Xbox 360. Then it was again released for PS4 and Xbox One and now on PC. Every time the game was launched, the game got a good welcome from the commercial market with high sales.

This is an excellent strategy adopted by the Rockstar. They knew the timing at which time of the year how can they take the maximum benefit of the market. Just before the change of console of PS3 and Xbox 360 change occurred, and PS4 and Xbox One hit the market, only one month before that time they made the launch of GTA V. So, they knew the change of console was going to happen and preferred that time to release the game.

After the launch the game, they didn’t release GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One right then. They waited and waited, and waited till one year was over. They didn’t cut the sales for GTA V for PS3 and Xbox 360 and one full year the GTA V for PS3, and Xbox 360 got sold well in the market. Now, after one year when the selling for PS3 and Xbox 360 began to lower, they made a better change in the game, with better graphics and cracks and released for PS4 and Xbox One. So, again they had a good sale in the market.

They let that sale uninterrupted until one year more and waited and then released the PC version for the GTA 5 Free.